A Birthday for the Dharma

Chokhor Duchen….

Though it may sound like it, Chokhor Duchen is not a Klingon expletive or a Rastafarian ritual. It is, in fact, a major Buddhist holiday that commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon and the teaching of the Four Noble Truths. It’s a celebration of a new beginning.

With traditional western holidays so laden with cultural and commercial baggage, there’s something refreshing about an foreign and unfamiliar holiday.  It’s especially poignant that we can celebrate the birthday of the Dharma free from the clutter of pomp, guilt, and other emotions connected to our usual holidays. We can approach it with “beginner mind”.

For those of us familiar with the Buddha’s teachings, we’re reminded of that inspired moment when the Buddha revealed, with genius simplicity, the way to happiness.

The Four Noble Truths laid open the path to the human heart, to love, and to the divine by reminding us that the seed of our contentment lies within. We need only look to find it. This Monday July 23rd is Chokhor Duchen.  Take the opportunity to look in and find some peace.  You can join us for our regular sitting or find a meditation center nearby.  Discover the seed that Siddhārtha Gautama discovered so long ago, let it bring you peace, let it grow, and let it bring joy to those around you.

3 thoughts on “A Birthday for the Dharma

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