One Minute Meditation – Shelburne Falls Glacial Potholes

This little gem in Shelburne Falls is a favorite .  The town is home to some good friends and this falls are a little magical.

A stones throw from the beautiful Bridge of Flowers is this natural wonder.  The glacial potholes are a reminder of the awesome patience and power of nature.  The potholes, bored out depressions in the granite, are a product of the glacial era.  As the great glaciers melted, producing torrents of water, whirlpools were formed.  With the aid of stones and pebbles of various sizes, these whirlpools acted as drills and created wells in the granite up to 39 feet in diameter (the largest recorded pothole is here).

Patient Water

strength in fluidity
the earth cedes mortality
water rests within

Another lesson that these falls have to offer lies in the history it generated.  These falls, known to the Penobscot and Mohawks as Salmon Falls demonstrate the magic that arises in the bounties of the earth. These falls, being so valuable as a source of food, served to ensure peace in the area in the form of a 50 year treaty between the two nations.  The treaty allowed all within a days walk to peaceably hunt and fish here.


In simplest form
peace arises from nature
food, water, shelter make equals

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