One Minute Meditation – Vaughn Street View of the Piscataquis

Vaughn StreetToday’s video is an early morning shot in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.  It’s my wife’s hometown and where her parents and grandparents live.  When asked where Dover is, my wife will draw the shape in the air and tell whoever’s asking, “Think of Maine as a big diamond. Dover is right in the middle.”

That’s the kind of well-rehearsed answer that comes if you’re a small town person having to explain that you live in the middle of nowhere.  Over a life time, city folks probably save a couple of hours not having to describe where, say, New York City is, or even Cleveland.  The small town experience makes my wife much more down to earth than I am.

As more of a big town guy, I’ve always been a little bored staying at my in-laws.  Especially in the winter. The routine tends to be; sit on the couch, take in some TV, eat, lather, rinse, and repeat. I probably put on a pound or two each visit and often get to enjoy a bout of sciatica after the long ride back and forth. But with the warmer weather coming, I am looking forward to spending some time exploring the Maine outdoors.

Over the last two visits, I’ve managed to get out and shoot some nice video.  This segment was taken on Easter weekend, a little bit early for spring in Dover, but warmer none the less. It was early morning. I’d had a poor night’s sleep and was up, so I took the occasion to get out before the house woke up.

The morning greeted me with a quiet April shower.  I followed the river east to a bridge over the Piscataquis that I’d never been to before. The stout scent of the thawing earth met me as I got out of the car.  Mixed in with the moisture churned up by the river and the rain, each breath was rich and bracing.

East Dover is even quieter than the sleepy center of town – home to both traffic signals in Dover and where the family home is. So you might imagine the stillness.  I was relishing shot after shot of uninterrupted nature footage and an hour of gently soaking it all in.

 Quiet Pleasures

My heart is swirling
on shifting river currents
taking me back home

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