Dirty Dozen


In the drive thru at Starbucks waiting for my daily fix of double dirty chai, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. Rose, the perennial queen of the drive thru, explained to me that the last 12 customers had been paying for the next car’s drinks.

Its the little things, isn’t it?

One person, paying an extra $10, made an investment that would put a smile on a dozen people’s faces. When Rose explained what was happening, my day changed instantly for the better. Without hesitation I blurted, “Well, that can’t stop” and for the same money (or maybe less) I got my coffee and breakfast sandwich and passed the good will down the line.

You might be thinking, why can’t people just do what my anonymous good will donor did and invest in things like happiness and generosity?

That’s an interesting economic question. read more

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5-7-2014 7-38-30 PM

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