One Minute Meditation – Looking East on East Dover Road Bridge

East Dover

A few months back I wrote a pair of pieces on Dragon Brook in Shelburne Falls.  The meditations were on two views of the brook.  The first saw the brook oncoming, the other flowing away. Each offered a very different feel.

This is a view of the Piscataquis River flowing away. The breadth of the river at this point in East Dover is fairly impressive.  The tug on the psyche is on a different order of magnitude than Dragon Brook.

We always color our perceptions with judgment.  The receiving and loss I described in the Dragon Brook pieces are a perfect example.

My experience with this view of the Piscataquis is altogether different. The pull that I feel from the river is much more soothing.  When I watch the movement of the water, I feel the subtle purifying power of the current.  The river pulls on my heart like the tidal force of the moon.   I can feel each quantum of tension and ego dissolve into the space created between the river and me.

Meditation on Meditation

What comes with sitting?
Or is it what we give up
Finding our spaces?

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