Namo Amitofo


Derives from the Sanskrit: NAMO AMITABHAYA BUDDHAYA  


Japanese usage: NAMU AMITA BUTSU    


Literal Chinese translation: NAMO – I bow before, I trust in, I take refuge in
AMITO – Endless Light & Endless Life

FO – Buddha, reality, truth

The Meaning of Amitofo

 There are many ways to interpret the mantra so that it is useful to our cultivation, no matter our thought-state, emotional- state, or our circumstances.

  •  From deep within my heart I pray that, at the moment of my death, I may enter Buddha Amitabha’s beautiful and perfect land of bliss
  •  I bow before, worship, the endless life of the universe, supreme being
  •  I trust in the One Mind/Consciousness which is unchanging and eternal
  •  I trust that I am one with the endless mind (Buddha), not needing to acquire, earn, or produce the inherent enlightened state
  •  I rest in the timeless and all pervading Buddha which never changes
  •  My mind, everyone’s mind, world mind are one, forever
  •  Letting go of the momentary, the objects of senses, I rest in the limitless, Endless Light
  •  May I become increasingly aware that all things are evolving to perfection, thus no need to fear or worry
  •  Simply chanting Buddha’s name, I will make a base of peace beneath all my changing moods and thoughts
  •  Simply chanting Buddha’s name, may I become simple, no more trying to know everything, no more attached to explanation, just clear and natural
  •  Oh Buddha, world one, I am in pain (fear, hurt, sadness, hopelessness).  Please save me, return me to peace and joy.