Pure Land Daily Affirmation

I am endless light.
Buddha everywhere is the womb
from which I have emerged.

Ta-Shih Chih Bodhisattva is my father.
Kwan Yin Bodhisattva is my mother.
I am here and now,
dwelling in the consummation of enlightenment.

In the six directions, within and without,
the Pure Land, my true home, surrounds me.

Pain shall assault me, but never defeat me.
Circumstances my distress me, but never conquer me.
These are wind, clouds,
simply passing in the sky of mind.

Endless forms shall be my raiment,
but none are my true name.
I am endless light
unmoving, unchanging. never born, never dying.
I am endless life.

The victory was mine from beginningless beginning.
The victory is mine, never ending.
Nothing to reject.
Nothing to accomplish.
Simple, present….


..Offered by FoShih Ri

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